How do I adjust the Neck’s BEST THING Brace to the size and shape of my pet’s neck?

What steps you should take, when your dog gets old? How can a Neck’s BEST THING Brace help in extending the active lifestyle of your dog?

My small breed dog was fitted for a traditional E-collar, and now he is “top-heavy” tripping over himself when trying to jump to my bed to sleep. What can I do?

My cat recently had surgery on her ears, and even with the traditional E-collar, she can get her paws up to her ears to scratch them, what can I do?

My dog is frustrated by the traditional E-collar because he walks into things, and can’t properly get to his food and water. What can I do?

My cat has a medical condition that requires extended use of the traditional E-collar. Is Neck's Best Thing product safe for her?

My pet hates the cone collar, how will this product work better?

My pet still gets out of the brace-what can I do?

Will this collar work if my pet has an injury on his/her paw?

I have an oversize chocolate lab and when he has to use a regular e-collar for his allergies our walls and door frames get destroyed! Will your product prevent this?

My dog is a standard poodle and this breed is very sensitive, she refuses to move at all when the e-collar is on her. How is Neck’s BEST THING better for her?

The e-collar did not really work for my Doberman after he got his ears done. The ears continuously touched the top of the cone and they were getting bent! If we use the Necks Neck’s BEST THING instead, could we avoid having to re-wrap the ears so often?

Getting my Great Dane in the car is hard, but driving him with the e-collar on for his checkups it’s an impossible task! Would your product make it any easier?

My dog has very sensitive skin, he is a bulldog and the hard edge of the cone makes it worse. His skin gets irritated all around the neck and where the collar rubs. I still need something to prevent him from scratching himself raw.