Domestic and Large Birds E Collar Alternative

Our product was originally designed for birds. The design and construction was done, keeping in mind that birds are already irritated when they start plucking their feathers. Our product is very light and provides the much needed custom fit needed, for your pet bird – lovebird, macaw, cockatoo, parrot or a parakeet.

Cats Eat well with this E Collar Alternative

Neck’s Best Thing, unlike most E collars and other alternatives, makes it easy for the cat to eat and drink. Although, the freedom of Peripheral vision is a big help, our product can be customized to fit the exact contour of your cat. The weight is equally distributed and easy to loosen the brace and prepare for eating.

Dogs recover better with this Alternative to E Collar

E collars and other alternatives to it, work to some extent for mostly small and medium size dogs. Our product not only caters to all breeds of dogs but also gives them the freedom to have a normal lifestyle – making the recovery process stress-free for the pet owner and the recovery, quicker for the pet.