Large Recovery Collar


The Large size comes with a support brace and a harness system (collar and a shoulder strap). Ideal for most medium sized dogs and some of the larger breed dogs.

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Neck’s Best Thing braces are designed with ease of use for the pet care provider, the effectiveness of restricting neck movement and pet’s comfort in mind. The product is made of soft foam and very light. It is a much better alternative to the E collar, because the pet gets back most of its normal lifestyle – peripheral vision is not restricted anymore. The product is designed to offer equal weight distribution and hence minimizes bumping into things.


Product Dimensions
19.0 inches (neck size – circumference)

6.5 inches (neck size – below nose)

5.5 inches (neck size – from ears to shoulder)

My cat literally went into a panic mode when I put the cone on, backing away and bumping into stuff around the small living area in my apartment. I needed to keep him from getting to his sutures but I felt like I was going to give him a heart attack! I had to ask my vet for alternative options and also do research online. I am glad I found Neck’s Best Thing, he reacted much more favorably when compared to the cone / E Collar. Perhaps it was the fact that¬†Neck’s best thing brace is light weight, most cats are familiar with the sensation of having a collar on, and the fact that his vision would not be impaired made him feel more secure and panic did not set in.

Although I don’t like the experience of going through the misery of the E collars or post surgery recovery, I was pleased that the brace worked well – keeping my cat and I, stress free…

Happy Cat Owner