Hagar Collar Sheet


Apart from being used around the neck, this sheet can be used to wrap necks, limbs, torsos, etc. and does not hinder the pet’s ability to maneuver around the house, impair vision or effect your pet’s ability to eat, drink or lay down comfortably.

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Every bird, cat or a dog is different in their behavior. So are their needs, when recovering from a surgery! With the Hagar collar, your cat or dog will be able to move around much more comfortably without reaching his neck out to touch his wounds. Our patented and proven solution gives comfort to your pet in multiple areas – fits birds, dogs and cats in all shapes and sizes. Truly, a versatile product that every pet owner should have! The best alternative to the Cone collar / E Collar / Elizabethan Collar provided by your Veterinarian.

Putting on that cone collar or lampshade collar can be a daunting task and frightening for your pet. Our brace / collar is invisible peripherally and provides for ventilation. The best part is that it minimally restricts mobility and allows your pet to eat and sleep comfortably.

The Hagar Collar can be cut to your dog’s / cat’s / pet’s exact measurements for a perfect fit!

  • It can be used around other areas of the body to protect wounds, skin allergies, rashes, etc.
  • The Hagar Collar is adjustable and easy to attach and remove.
  • The non-toxic material is rigid and durable, but can be cut into the required shape and dimension for your pet.
  • It is extremely light and gives a snug fit. 
  • This collar can be used to wrap necks, limbs, torsos, etc. and does not hinder the pet’s ability to maneuver around the house, impair vision or effect your pet’s ability to eat, drink or lay down comfortably.
  • One single sheet can be cut into several collars! One collar fits all just cut to size with a pair of scissors.


  1. My dog had been suffering after Wobbler’s Syndrome Surgery

    The brace arrived while I was gone, and after I got some sleep on Monday, I pulled it out, looked at the directions and proceeded to customize the collar for Summer. Got one made and I still have enough left over to make her another, if needed.

    It works great, fits well and has really seemed to help. She is not impressed, being the Diva Dog, she thinks it should have some bling or at least be a pretty color, but I certainly am. Also, she doesn’t like the fact that it works as it should, meaning she can’t move her neck the way she thinks she should be able to.

    Initially when I put it on her, she just ‘keeled’ over on her side on the memory foam cushion in the living room, looking so pitiful like I’d just beaten her. I gave her a couple of treats, and she seemed to get over that pretty quickly. Since then, when I put it on, she does one of two things… she’ll either lay down and start acting like she can’t breathe for a few minutes, watching me the entire time to see what my reaction is. Once I double check it to make sure it’s not too tight, and I’ve always been able to get at least three fingers between her and the brace, and know she’s just ‘faking it’ (she’s done that before), she seems to get over it and calm down. Treats help, too! If she’s not acting like she can’t breathe, then she’s found a way to increase her neck size by, presumably, tightening her muscles, so that when I get it on snugly, there is a slight gap between the sides (which normally isn’t there when it’s on correctly, but that’s as much as I can do when she does that), she stands up, stretches, shakes her head and suddenly it’s loose! She doesn’t do that as much anymore, as she knows I’ll just walk over and adjust the collar so it fits properly again. It’s amazing the tricks she’s come up with to try and keep from having to wear it, though. She certainly is creative. I know she’s comfortable in it, because she still lays down and sleeps with no problem at all.

    I can’t thank you enough for working with me and getting this to me so quickly. It has definitely helped, as she’s steadier on her feet when wearing it, even though she appears not to be nearly as impressed with it as I am.

  2. I have a small disabled bitch – if she gets sick or injured she cannot wear a conventional Elizabethan collar – Hagar Collar has been a very useful alternative for me. It is now in my first aid kit.

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