My pet hates the cone collar, how will this product work better?

Neck's Best Thing collar is made of soft foam that is specially designed to provide the required strength. It is padded and ventilated through the air holes for comfort. Unlike other E collars, it is extremely easy to apply around your pet’s neck. Since there is no impact to the peripheral vision, your pet will be have much more normal behavior. Based on the exact shape and contour of your pet, you can always trim the foam - the custom fit makes your pet's recovery quicker and stress free for you.

This recovery collar does not hinder the pet’s ability to maneuver around the house. So, no more bumping into the furniture or causing accidental damage. Check our videos or ask your vet about it.

My cat has a medical condition that requires extended use of the traditional E-collar. Is Neck's Best Thing product safe for her?

If a cat is using a traditional E-collar after surgery, or for a skin condition that is being medically treated for a short period of time, the traditional E-collar might be your vet’s selection. However, should there be a reason that the cat is experiencing a medical condition that requires the use of a restraining device, like an E-collar. In such cases, one should also look at other alternatives or ask their vet. An alternative product like Neck’s Best Thing or Hagar medical collar would be better suited to this situation. A cat, unlike most dogs, is more independent and more stealth-like in movement. Aside from the fact that the traditional E-collar would be obtrusive to the cat’s day to day activities, and not to their liking, it could also be dangerous. Cats like small places, they like to explore, and they like to go over and under things such as furniture – traditional E-collars can severely limit the lifestyle. The solution for a quick recovery, is sometime nothing but giving back the cat, its normal lifestyle. With an E-collar alternative like ours, the cat is not visually limited and restricted as much in movement; therefore the cat is less likely to hurt herself further, trying to carry out her daily living routine – eat better and enable for a quicker recovery.

Is the traditional E-collar safe and practical for a crated dog?

Let’s assume that the crate is proportional to the size of the dog, with enough room for the dog to stand, turn around, and comfortably lay down. That said, what if the dog is to be crated for any length of time, for example an 8 hour work day, and left alone? The traditional E-collar hinders the dog’s ability to comfortably stand or turn around, leaving the dog only one choice but to lay down and wait that entire 8 hour time period. A more streamlined, alternate hagar collar would be recommended in this situation, allowing better movement for the dog while crated, and left unattended. Even if the traditional E-collar is properly fitted, left to his own devices for an extended period of time, the dog may become destructive of the device. This could involve either hurting themselves trying to remove it – or actually managing to remove the device and further complicating their medical condition that required the collar in the first place.

My dog is frustrated by the traditional E-collar because he walks into things, and can’t properly get to his food and water. What can I do?

The traditional E-collar limits peripheral vision in the dog due to its cone-like shape. This devise also restricts some of the dog’s normal activities, such as the ability to bend his neck and reach his food and water bowls, again, due to its cone-like shape. Without taking out walls and doors, or adjusting the height of the food and water bowls, this can be, and is frustrating to the dog. A good solution here is to consider other E-collar alternatives. Neck’s Best Thing or the traditional Hagar Collar sheet does not limit the peripheral vision of the dog. This line of sight is vital to the dog’s equilibrium, and daily normal function – especially in very active dogs. Using this alternative device would also enable the dog better extension to his food and water, therefore, lessening the trauma and the behavioral impact of wearing the more traditional E-collar / Cone collar / Elizabethan Collar.

My cat recently had surgery on her ears, and even with the traditional E-collar, she can get her paws up to her ears to scratch them, what can I do?

There is an alternative device, Neck’s Best Thing® or the classic Hagar Medical collar, designed to elongate the cat or dog’s neck making it nearly impossible for the paws to reach the ears. Ears can be tricky though, and one should not leave their pet unattended with any type of restraining devise, until it is obvious and clear that the animal cannot reach their ears with their paws. The ear is a very sensitive area for the cat and the dog, as they are easily annoyed by any type of itch or substance that might be there. The traditional E-collar can be bulky and cumbersome, even if fitted properly, sometimes making it easy to removed, as the cat will desperately want to attend to her ears. It may help to crate or kennel your cat with Neck’s Best Thing®, the best alternative to an E-collar. This will make the movement of paw to the ear more restraining, while she is adjusting to this alternative neck device.

My small breed dog was fitted for a traditional E-collar, and now he is “top-heavy” tripping over himself when trying to jump to my bed to sleep. What can I do?

Small breed dogs are bred in such a manner as to have equal footing on all four legs, to carry such a small torso. When the added weight of the traditional E-collar is added to the neck, a natural stance for the dog, becomes very un-natural. If this “tipping” seems to become more of a hindrance than a help, our products – Neck’s Best Thing® or the classic Hagar Medical collar are a much better alternative. They are lightweight and easier for the small breed dog to maneuver in, due to the equal balanced patented design. Did you know the same light-weight product is used for birds also? We would suggest this particular device because it is easy to slip on your dog, and does not obstruct their peripheral vision, as the cone shaped E-collar, which can also create a problem with the dog’s equilibrium. Of equal concern, is to limit the dog’s activities while using any devise of this nature, as it is there for a reason, and jumping up and down from furniture could create undo strain on a healing injury.

What steps you should take, when your dog gets old? How can a Hagar Medical Brace help in extending the active lifestyle of your dog?

Most pet owners are not prepared regarding the complexities of an aging dog nor do they even know when their dog becomes a “senior”. Understanding when your dog is a “senior” is the first step to providing a healthier lifestyle for your pet.

As a dog becomes a “senior”, several changes may occur including changes in weight (gain or loss), dental problems, arthritic joints and heart troubles, to name a few. It is often a good idea to increase frequency in veterinarian check-ups to avoid preventative disorders. Also, asking your veterinarian what kinds of diet changes need to occur is a good idea. Often older dogs will need additional supplements to avoid aging health issues such as arthritic joints.

The Hagar Medical Brace can be customized with numerous alterations and adjustments and is made of soft, light foam material to ensure maximized comfort. The Hagar Medical Brace can also be used for a variety of things included use as a splint. If your dog obtains a sprain muscle, the Hagar Medical Brace can be cut to splint and immobilize the joint and leg until it heals. This can extend the active lifestyle of your pet and promote healing to the injury without further complications. Since the Hagar Medical Brace is breathable and can be the right custom fit for your dog, there is also less of a chance for pressure ulcers and skin tears that can occur with other kinds of splints and bandages. In addition, many senior pets often need preventative surgeries and Hagar Medical Brace can keep them from licking the wound and help it heal faster. Protecting the health of your senior dog can often be very difficult, but with help of the Hagar Medical Brace it might make it easier to extend a active, happy life for your loving pet.

Having a happy pet especially as they age is very important. As a pet owner, keeping your older pet’s needs in mind are especially essential to extending their life with quality. We all want to keep our pets healthy and happy, enabling them to live with dignity, quality and ease. Taking care of our pet to the best of our ability as they age, is important to our aging process as well. People with pets seem to live longer and happier lives.

Use a Hagar Medical Brace to help with those times when your pet just needs a helping hand. When those occasions arise, a Hagar Medical Brace can help in easing your mind. As a pet owner you know your pet is comfortable and well cared for. How much do you value your peace of mind? With a Hagar Medical Brace you don’t have to worry about a thing. Just enjoy the good life between you and your pet.

How do I adjust the Hagar Medical Brace to the size and shape of my pet’s neck?

  1. Measure the circumference of the neck and add 1 inch (extra).
  2. Measure from the top of the neck to the shoulder and add 1 inch (extra)
  3. Place the Hagar Medical Brace on a flat surface (table, floor, etc)
  4. Mark on your measurements on the Hagar Collar (if you want, try doing this first on a sheet of paper or a cardboard)
  5. Cut with a pair of scissors along the marking (yes, Hagar Medical Brace's patented design retains its sturdiness while making it easy for a pet owner or a veterinarian to cut). You can also use the guides along the perforated edges.
  6. You now have a custom sized neck brace / Elizabethan collar for your pet
  7. Place the custom sized brace around the neck (fabric side is the outside and foam size goes inside).
  8. Fasten the neck brace (best alternative to Elizabethan collar) using the Velcro strip provide in the product package.

Can I wash the Dog cone alternative - Neck's Best Thing brace?

The Dog cone alternative easily washes with soap and water or mild disinfectant. It can be submersed in water. Strong disinfectants or bleach should not be applied on the backing material, but soap or mild disinfectants may be used. After the dog cone alternative is washed, allow it to dry 30 minutes prior to reuse. It can be washed in a washing machine. Remove the hook and loop tape and place in a laundry bag. Close the bag and insert into the washer by itself or with other items. After it is washed allow it to air dry.